At Headley Family Medicine, we believe that best quality health care starts with preventative care and health maintenance. As a premier Jesup family practice, we understand the value of helping our patients recognize that todays life style choices affect the quality of life in later years.

Dr. Headley has made it his mission to share information with patients that can have a positive impact on their future health. Preventative care is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can pay big dividends down the road.

When you are committed to making regular preventative health appointments with your medical doctors in Jesup GA, you’re investing in your future well-being. This routine care, will result in reducing health issues or discovering them before they develop into major risks which lead to additional, more complicated conditions. Preventive care includes examinations and screenings which are adapted to a patient’s family history, health, and age. For instance, anyone with a family history of particular diseases should start screening earlier and more frequently than those who do not have the family history.

Your visits to our Jesup clinic could include some longer, educational visits and individualized coaching to assist you in creating positive changes including stress management, quitting smoking, losing weight plus more. Positive life choices are directlyassociated with your physical health, therefore we work tirelessly to serve our patients by supplying the information, tools and support essential to live an extended, healthier and happier life.

Doctor Headley knows different patients require various kinds of preventative care; ethnicity, sex, national origin, age and wellness background can impact the kind of care you’ll need. For instance, some ethnicities have an increased risk for diabetes. Some blood disorders are only found in patients from a Mediterranean descent. The risk of heart disease is different for women and men. Your Jesup doctors at Headley Family Medicine can uncover exactly what diseases or problems you might be at risk for, because of this we can begin screening sooner and focusing on potential problems sooner, when they can be more easily treated.

To learn more about the preventative health services contact us at our Jesup medical office.