As a result of condition known as osteoporosis, nearly 50 percent of women and about a fourth of all men will break a bone at some time after reaching age 50 as a result of having osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can afflict anyone of any age, however it is more prevelant in older women. This is a condition that weakens the bones and renders them to be more inclined to break. Throughout the earlier and middle years of life, this problem is almost avoidable, however in later years, even after diagnosis, there are a number of solutions our Jesup doctors can offer and that may reduce the chances of bone breaks while increasing overall bone strength.

Bone density tests are available which can be a remarkable means for measuring bone mass of older women and men,. If these testing methods uncover thinning bones or weakend bones there are generally some various medicines and treatment methods designed to help reestablish the bone strength which has been lost. Regrettably, many of us don’t realize they are suffering with osteoporosis unless they take a fall and end up breaking a bone; this is a silent condition and a disease that usually goes undiscovered for several years. This is the reason it’s extremely important for you to contact our Wayne County doctors for scheduling a bone density test to determine the your overall bone health. As with numerous other difficulties, conditions and diseases, it’s far easier to prevent health-related problems than to treat people with advanced stages of an ailment.

There are several categories of folks who are at a higher risk than others for developing osteoporosis, it is therefore essential for you to know if you are at risk. A few of the known risk factors for developing osteoporosis include having a smaller or thin body frame, age, taking certain prescription drugs, a family history of osteoporosis and having osteopenia, or low bone mass. White or Asian women are also at higher risk. If you possess at least one of the risk factors, contact Headley Family Medicine and schedule a consultation with one of our Wayne county doctors.

To maintain strong bones and improve your odds of preventing osteoporosis, you must eat a calcium and vitamin D rich diet, get regular excercise and stay away smoking. For more details concerning the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, contact Headley Family Medicine at (912) 427-7400 or fill out their contact form to receive additional information