At Headley Family Medicine, our Wayne county physicians regularly provide our patients with numerous different forms of treatment options and methods to relieve an extensive variety of ailments and issues. Mole removal is frequently practiced whenever a benign, common mole creates pain or discomfort or when atypical mole reveals abnormal or uncommon signs. This category of moles are strange in appearance and are called dysplastic nevi. Thereason why these atypical moles are removed is that they’re more inclined to progress into melanoma, a form of skin cancer. Melanoma is among the deadliest cancers, for the reason that people believe that a mole or lesionis simply a benign freckle or regular mole. This cancer can potentially spread along the skins surface down into the interior tissues, into the muscles and bones and eventually in the blood, where it may then spread to additional areas of the body undiscovered for years.

In comparison to atypical moles, typical moles are quite common, with lots of people having around ten to thirty. Actually, individuals could possibly develop new moles every so often until around the age of forty. The benign, common growths are normally tan, brown, or possibly pink and could either look flat or elevated. They are generally round or oval in shape and usually aren’t larger than a pencil eraser. It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re at any time unsure with regards to a mole, or what seems to be a freckle – contact our Jesup doctor for additional examination. You just might save your own life.

If you ever discover a mole or growth which is irregular in shape, has varied shades, has changed colors, is irregular in shape or appears to have suddenly grown larger, make certain you get in touch with our Jesup doctors at the earliest opportunity to have an examination appointment as well as to discuss a potential mole biopsy and removal options. At our Jesup medical practice, we use cutting edge technology along with the most up-to-date mole biopsy and excision techniques to ensure minimal discomfort for patients. There really is no down-time when under going a mole biopsy and removal, , and your test results are will be presented swiftly.

If your test results return as abnormal, our office will contact you to schedule a consultation so we can go over the best plan of action and make sure you stay healthy, strong and melanoma or carcinoma free.

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