It’s not unusual for individuals over the course of their life time to experience a number of lacerations which will require wound dressing or possibly sutures in addition to medical treatment. Wayne County physicians at Headley Family Medicine have access to the most recent laceration care technologies, materials and treatment solutions to make certain that whenever their patients require immediate medical treatment due to this kind of wound care, they’re able to effectively and quickly clean and dress lacerations.

Wounds which cover a sizable section of the body, those which are very deep, wounds which are resulting in rapid blood loss along with other severe injuries demand quick medical treatment. Severe lacerations along with wounds which continue to be untreated for too long could become infected, resulting in even more serious systemic infections which may spread all through the body. Additionally, any kind of injury that is infected also necessitates medical assistance at our Wayne County medical facility to prevent those systemic infections. An infection may be described as inflammation at the site belonging to the laceration, itchiness, tenderness, serious pain or even a temperature in certain advanced situations.

It’s adviseable to get hold of your Jesup physician if your wound won’t heal or close up, if you fail to halt the blood loss and if you can’t get rid of all foreign substances which are in the wound. Our Jesup GA physicians are gentle, detailed as well as supportive when they examine lacerations and injuries plus perform proper care to enable the recovery process to start as quickly and also painlessly as is possible. All of us realize that caring for wounds, lacerations and other traumas is obviously not comfortable, and our Jesup doctors utilize the very best equipment, the most comfortable bandages, sutures and gauzes in order that through your complete treatment anyone stays as pain-free and comfortable as you possibly can.

In case you are possibly uncertain if a laceration or injury is actually significant enough to get medical attention and treatment or if you can’t decide alone if your laceration happens to be infected, it’s critical for you to contact our Jesup doctors to further evaluate your symptoms. Immediate medical treatment may protect against much more serious complications .Should you need additional information regarding lacerations, sutures or other injury-related medical concerns, contact Headley Family Medicine at (912) 427-7400 or fill out their contact form to receive additional information.