Our Jesup family practice understands that accurate and timely laboratory tests are essential to the well-being and health of our patients. Vital decisions and treatments are directly influenced by the information and results which are received from the lab. When trusted laboratory results are available, better diagnoses and more effective treatment becomes available for our patients- this is certainly one of the foremost steps to helping our patients recover and stay healthy.

Jesup clinics with laboratory services often times supply the first clues of disease. Specimens of patient’s sputum, blood, and urine are obtained for analysis – its within these labs where the existence of infection can be verified as cell levels in the blood are unveiled. Whenever patients are unsure of a probable condition, problem or disorder, to enable them to make the proper choices concerning their well being and health, our Jesup doctors need to comprehend every aspect concerning the problem. We realize that lab results are not just numbers, particularly for our patients. For this reason, our Jesup family medical professionals work very closely with the patient and their families to ensure they understand every aspect concerning screening, diagnosis and treatment plans.

Headley Family Medicine offers an on-site CLIA certified lab, that is uncommon among Jesup medical clinics and Wayne County general practitioners. Providing laboratory work on-site has a number of purposes. Our own patients don’t need to visit an additional place for numerous diagnostic tests; they’re carried out quite easily on-site. Medical determinations can be made sooner, so that care is frequently given by doctors prior to our patients leaving the medical facility! It is by doing this that Headley Family Medicine differentiates itself from other medical practices in Jesup, Georgia and Wayne County.

Our Jesup doctors realize that anticipating lab results can be very difficult, therefore our healthcare workers interact along with lab technicians to ensure that almost all diagnostic tests are obtained, answers are interpreted and findings provided for our patients as soon as possible in order to prevent most of your harmful anxiety.

To learn more as to what our CLIA certified laboratory services provide, contact Headley Family Medicine at (912) 427-7400 or fill out their contact form to receive additional information.