vaccine-immunization-innoculation-jesup-doctor-wayne-county-medicalGetting vaccinations, also called immunizations or shots, is a simple solution to protect you or your little one from serious, and at times critical illnesses. If choose to undergo immunizations yet still contract an illness, the symptoms are less severe. Failing to obtain the suggested immunizations can lead to severe illness, prolonged conditions as well as death from diseases like hepatitis B, meningitis, tetanus, and measles.

Headley Family Medicine provides all the advisable vaccinations- not only for youngsters, but also for adults as well. These immunizations need to begin at birth and carry on all through the span of a patient’s life. Our staff can respond to your concerns about these immunizations, and as your Jesup GA doctors, we supply you with all the recommended health protection no matter your age.

Be sure to dial 911 or any other emergency services should you or your child develope any of these symptoms:

  • An allergic reaction, described as lack of breath, wheezing, paleness, weakness, a rapid pulse, or faintness
  • Behavior changes, including losing consciousness, appearing confused, staying very drowsy or difficult to awaken, or becoming unresponsive.
  • A seizure

Call your Jesup doctors promptly if you see:

  • Swelling and redness at the site of the injection if it lasts for more than a couple of days.
  • A high temperature that lasts more than 48 hrs after getting a shot.
  • Any other unusual reaction.

Childhood Immunizations

Immunizations have saved immeasurable number of children’s lives. These vaccines don’t merely protect children from the extremely dangerous and quite often deadly diseases, but additionally protect everyone close to them from the same diseases. Were you aware that they are also able to protect generations to come? Even though many parents find it hard to watch their kids get a shot,it is always much harder to witness them suffering from an illness which could have been avoided or minimized. Be certain to call Headley Family Medicine for all your immunization requirements for your children; you just might save their lives someday!

Adult Immunizations

Most adults incorrectly believe that their requirements for immunization from their Wayne County doctor ceases once they reach their adult years. There are many targeted vaccines you should have as an adult! The ones you should have most depends on conditions like your diet and lifestyle, age, gender, general health, prior immunizations, travel destinations and more. Did you realize that tetanus and diphtheria inoculations ought to be provided once every decade? How long has it been since scheduled an appointment with your Jesup clinic for these vaccines? Don’t wait another day to get protection- call Headley Family Medicine right now to schedule a easy and quick consultation for immunizations.

Special Immunizations

Call Headley Family Medicine for information regarding special immunizations should you have exposure to individuals who have a contagious disease, you are preparing on international travel or you live with someone who has got a inadequate immune system or send us a message through the contact page.