Discussions frequently revolves over the subject of high-cholesterol as well as the consequences on our bodies that it has . Our Wayne County family practice is committed to effective treatment of high cholesterol for your wellness, health and fitness of our patients. High cholesterol can be a silent problem, and lots of of our patients tend to be stunned the moment they find out they’ve levels of cholesterol which are above healthy and balanced, safe ranges.

Cholesterol is a wax-like material occurring naturally in all parts of the body. What lots of individuals don’t seem to comprehend is that cholesterol itself is not dangerous; actually, the body requires it to operate and function normally. Just what’s dangerous, having said that, happens when there’s an excessive amount of cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.

An excessive amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels may cause it to adhere to the surfaces of the arterial blood vessels, at that point it’s known as “plaque”. Plaque, our physicians in Jesup GA can tell you, is exactly what’s to blame for constricting the arteries and perhaps obstructing them, possibly partially or sometimes totally. Whenever arteries are obstructed, blood can’t properly travel through your body, this results in heart attacks, cardiac arrest and strokes.

The amount of cholesterol in a person’s blood may increase as we grow older. Generally aren’t really any indicators for our Wayne County doctors to assess and figure out that this issue is high-cholesterol. The best thing, however, is the fact that it just takes an easy blood test in our on-site laboratory to uncover high levels of cholesterol.

Managing cholesterol levels is one area which our Jesup medical clinic professionals are enthusiastic about, and treatment of high cholesterol in Wayne County starts off with education. A person is more prone to get high-cholesterol when people in your family have the condition, if you’re obese and when you consume too much greasy, fatty foods. Getting informed about the treatment, medical diagnosis and management of high-cholesterol by way of our physicians in Jesup starts in the home- individuals are in a position to reduce their levels of cholesterol and maintain the ones that happen to be inside of normal range by exercising more, healthy food choices and being attentive to their own bodies’ alerts. Quite a few individuals may also be required to stay on prescribed medication by a Wayne County medical doctor to lower their levels of cholesterol.

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