Heart disease has become the leading killer in the United States and it’s also a significant reason behind disability. Our doctors in Jesup GA are committed to fighting the condition by informing, preparing and treating our patients specific condition. Individualized medical treatment is our specialty at Headley Family Medicine.

A few basic evaluation methods provide our Jesup doctors with the first indications to how well your heart performs and whether or not you may have heart related illnesses. On your visit, your physician will listen to your heart, get your pulse rate, and check your blood pressure level.

Your Jesup doctor checks your pulse so that they can examine the rhythm, rate, and regularity of your heartbeat. Each individual pulse corresponds with a heartbeat. The strength with the pulse will also help measure the strength of the flow of blood to various portions of your system. You can identify what your heart rate is by feeling your pulse. Heart rate is measured by the number of beats that take place within one minute. A stethoscope reveals the sounds of the opening and closing of your heart valves. Our Jesup doctors can listen to your heart to evaluate your hearts rhythm and valve functions.

Blood pressure is the stress exerted inside arteries from the blood as it is pumped throughout the body by your heart. It is actually reported by systolic and diastolic measurments. Systolic is the pressure measured during the heart’s contractions and it’s the top part, or higher number of the measurement. The diastolic pressure is a measurement of the artery pressure in between heart beats while it is at rest. This is the lower or bottom number of a reading. Blood pressure could increase or decrease based on factors such as your age, conditioning, emotional health, activity level, and any prescribed medicines you might be taking.

Your Jesup doctor may be able to obtain a sense of the functioning of your heart by inspecting other areas of the body which include your eyes, arms, legs, and skin. It may possibly be recommended that you have blood tests performed to evaluate markers which could reveal heart disease.

The most prevalent reason behind heart disease is the narrowing of the coronary arteries. This problem gradually worsens after awhile, and is also the primary root cause of people stricken by a heart attack. You can help to eliminate your potential for cardiovascular disease by managing a small number of essential points that oftentimes put people at risk the most. These are:

  • Lowering your Cholesterol
  • Not Smoking
  • Maintaining a Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Getting Plenty of Physical Exercise

Other forms of heart disease may happen in the valves of the heart, or the heart may not pump as it should, which results in heart failure. Additionally, some individuals were born with a heart condition, referred to as congenital heart disease or congenital heart failure. Regardless of what type of heart disease you may have, our devoted and caring doctors in Jesup GA are determined to help relieve your discomfort, treat the reason behind your heart disease and enable you to have a progressive recovery back to good heart health.