Headley Family Medicine is devoted to informing people about diabetes,ways to prevent the condition and approaches to manage it and minimize the impact it has on their lives. Though some individuals notice that they may have no symptoms with their day to day life not substantially affected,others battle every day in efforts to get control over the disease and enjoy better health.

Diabetes is a condition / disease where the blood glucose – also known as blood sugar levels -are far too high. This form of sugar can be found inside the foods we digest. Insulin is a hormone which is in charge of assisting glucose change into energy that our body can use.

By far the most prevalent form of diabetes as well as the one most frequently treated by our Jesup medical practice is the Type II diabetes. Although Type I diabetes is viewed as the body not being able to make insulin, having Type II diabetes actually means the body doesn’t produce or use insulin effectively. When the body lacks enough insulin, glucose stays in the blood. Regrettably most people are not aware of the degree of damage diabetes can cause, that is one reason why our Wayne County physicians are very committed to informing our patients about the subject. After awhile, the extra glucose within the blood inflict damage on the kidneys, nerves as well as eyes. The disease may also lead to heart disease, stroke and in some cases results in needing to amputate a limb.

A number of the signs or symptoms of  Type II diabetes could include increased thirst, weight-loss, blurry vision, persistent tiredness and also frequent urination. It is also common for many people to show no symptoms at all. Our Wayne County doctors can give a very simple blood test to check for diabetes.

The good news is, diabetes is generally managed and to some extent, may be prevented. Having a healthy, well rounded diet is crucial. Weight reduction or keeping a healthy weight is likewise essential, along with carrying out a daily routine of physical exercise. Oftentimes, insulincan be injected to manage symptoms and stop the damages resulting from too much sugar in the blood.

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