When Dr. Headley of Headley family Medicine in Jesup GA. prescribes an anti-inflammatory drug or pain reliever, you dutifully take it to the pharmacy to be filled. Why not? They will likely make you feel better.

But when we tell you exercising regularly will make you feel better too, that it will make your joints more limber, that it can help you sleep better at night, feel better all day and, specifically, that it will help ease your arthritis pain – what action do you take? Do you dutifully stop at a Velocity on your way home and sign up for three classes per week? Do you drop by Goody’s and pick up a new pair of walking shoes? Or do you go home and try not to think about it?

Today a prescription for exercise is sometimes given. A fitness prescription gives you a plan for the exercises you need to perform, how long and intensely to do them and how to progress to the next level.

So at your next visit, don’t be surprised if Dr. Headley hands you a prescription for a workout. If you don’t get one, ask if it’s OK for you to start an workout program, then ask for a list of specific exercises you should do.