Relaxing in a warm water bath has been used for thousands of years to ease discomfort. Research has shown warm water therapy eases all types of musculoskeletal pain, including fibromyalgia, arthritis and low back pain.

Many ancient cultures used the warm water bath. It makes you feel better. It makes the joints looser. It eases pain and this effect lasts long after the bath is finished. There are lots of reasons soaking in warm water is good for you. It lowers the force of gravity that’s pressing on the joint. The water gives all around support for sore arms and legs, can reduce swelling and inflammation and improve circulation.

So, how long should you soak? Dr. Headley recommends around 20 minutes. Be sure to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. Here are some other simple steps to make the most of your next bath.

Go warm, not hot.

Water temperatures between 92 and 100 degrees are a safe comfortable range. If you have cardiovascular problems, beware of water that’s too hot because that can put stress on the heart.

While you soak stretch your arms and legs. Use this time to move those muscles and you will feel better after the soak in the tub is over.