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Jesup Family Medical Explains The Importance Of Drinking Water

This heat the last several days has reminded all of us how important water is to our health. Dr. Bill Headley of Headley Family Medicine in Jesup, Georgia advises everyone to make sure they are well hydrated especially during a heat wave. Most of our blood is water and every major organ uses water to [...]

Jesup, Georgia Physician Explains The Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

According to the Mayo Clinic there is a connection between the omega-3 fatty acids in fish and heart health. Dr. Bill Headley of Headley Family Medicine says that eating fish that contain these fatty acids at least twice a week may reduce your risk of heart disease. Physicians have noticed that the omega-3 fatty acids [...]

Jesup Family Physician: How To Prevent Heart Disease

There are several strategies that we can all implement to help protect our heart health. According to Dr. Bill Headley at Headley Family Medicine you can help prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are five tips to help you protect your heart. Everyone knows that heart disease is the leading cause of [...]

Jesup Family Physician Explains How Regular Exercise Can Make You Feel Better

When Dr. Headley of Headley family Medicine in Jesup GA. prescribes an anti-inflammatory drug or pain reliever, you dutifully take it to the pharmacy to be filled. Why not? They will likely make you feel better. But when we tell you exercising regularly will make you feel better too, that it will make your joints [...]

Jesup Family Doctor: We Want To Help You Quit Smoking!

The money you spend. The way it makes you smell. Disliking your own habit. The way it makes your car smell. The way it makes your house smell. All of these have one thing in common: they are all reasons why you should quit smoking today. Yes, quitting smoking can be one of the toughest [...]

Jesup Family Doctor: Preventative Health Care and Maintenance

Some of us are fortunate enough to be relatively healthy individuals who rarely get sick. If there is one thing that is true in life, however, it is that the unexpected can happen. In order for you to maintain a squeaky-clean bill of health, a good relationship with your doctor is key. If you are [...]